Yes, It’s Possible - Detangle Your Hair Without Breaking It!

Tangled hair is not just the issue that Rapunzel faced. It’s something that each of us come across regardless of our hair length and type. And you know how irritating the situation can be. You have to bear the pain of pulling your hair, go through the struggle to deal with the tangle, and even view the harsh consequences of broken hair later. Don't you always think of some ways or hacks to detangle your hair without breaking it and avoiding this entire trauma? Well, we heard what you thought and have brought a very useful post here about it.

How to Detangle Your Hair Without Much Inconvenience?

We all want silky smooth and soft hair. That is why we go through so many pains of caring for it and even using the best quality shampoo and other hair products. But when it comes to tangled hair, we all wish we could get some mystery boxes which would contain the magical solution of dealing with this problem in seconds. So, here we are with the quickest solution to smoothen your tresses and make them look manageable and attractive.

Use a Conditioner Post Shampoo - Yes, we agree that you use the best kind of shampoo which not only nourishes your hair deeply, but also makes it silky smooth and soft. But when it comes to tangles, often even this shampoo doesn't work in the expected way. That is why we highly recommend you to use a hair mask or conditioner after you shampoo your hair. This will make it extra smooth and moisturise it deeply which also prevents the hair cubicles from mingling with each other and prevents the tangled hair that you otherwise face.

Use Oil Before Combing - For manageable hair, we recommend you oil massage your hair each time before you go for shampooing it. This not only nourishes your scalp deeply, but it also makes your hair smooth after you wash it. If not this time, at least use it before you comb your hair. This prevents the unusual detangling of your hair and removes all the knots making the entire process painless and with least hair breakage.

Detangling Spray - One of the best and most proven methods to comb your hair perfectly without breaking it or causing any kind of pain during this process is using a detangling spray from Twisted Fizzers. These are super easy to use and work on your hair immediately. Also, there are lots of other useful products with them for your hair like shampoo and conditioner bar which you can opt for to ensure that there is the minimum issue of tangle and knot formation in your hair.

Wide Toothed Comb - We would also recommend you go for a wide toothed comb for your hair which ensures to subtly remove the knots and tangles from your hair leading to almost no breakage in this process. Yes, the hair combing might take some extra few minutes, but it's a very convenient and painless task.

We can understand how much you love your hair. So, we definitely wouldn’t want you to go through all the pain and trauma of watching your hair breaking consistently. That’s why our list of detangling tips is sure to work for the benefit of your hair. Try them out!