5 Ways to Detangle your Hair without Damaging them

Detangled hair is a common problem among many women. The real hair battle begins when you pick up the comb after shampooing your hair. Untying the knots made in your mane consumes a lot of time. But not anymore. 

There are many different ways using which you can detangle your hair without tearing them. All you need is some patience and a few prevention tips. Follow these tips to detangle your hair without damaging them.

Use a Conditioner 

Conditioning your hair is one of the essential steps toward good hair care. It also helps with detangling it. Apply a conditioner at the tips and move upward towards the root. Do not use a conditioner on your scalp as it does not need any. Leave it for 5 minutes, comb your hair to detangle and rinse. 

Detangling Spray 

A detangling spray is one of the finest inventions that help you treat your tangled hair in minimum time. It is worth all the hype and money. The spray helps reduce the tension between the hair while detangling. It is also a quick fix when you are out and do not have enough time to tame your hair.

You can use a detangling spray on both dry and wet hair. Plus, point – you do not even have to rinse your hair after using it. 

Mineral Oil 

Another effective remedy to treat your detangled hair is to use some mineral oil on it. This oil is a colourless and odourless distillate of petroleum. Mineral oil acts as an antistatic, thus removing all the knots and tangles in your hair. When you use mineral oil on your scalp, make sure to use a conditioner, as too much residue on the hair may hinder the function of mineral oil in removing the knots. 

You can also use a few drops of olive oil and let it penetrate your scalp for some time. Oiling your hair regularly keeps them soft and smooth. 

Use Water 

Moisture in your hair may detangle it easily. It also helps remove the knots without harsh pulling. When your hair is tangled too much, use a spray bottle with water and spritz it all over your hair. Take sections of hair with your fingers and comb them using a wide-toothed brush. Clip the detangled hair with a secure pin or hair clip and continue the process for other sections. 

Start from the Bottom 

One of the most common mistakes many women make while detangling their hair is starting from the top. Never start from the top, as your hair may break. On the contrary, start unknotting your hair from the very bottom. Comb some inches at the bottom and work your way up. It also helps avoid any pain in your scalp. 

But before you reach the comb, separate your hair into sections using your fingers. Detangling will become easier. 


You spend your hard-earned money buying luxury bulk bath bombs to pamper your body. Now is the time to pamper your hair too. Invest in good-quality hair shampoos, detangling sprays, and masks, and keep tangled hair at bay.