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Our all new bath crumble 500g jars pack a great punch. With as many uses you can squeeze out of it by just sprinkling a little bit into the bath for instant foam and fragrance fun

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Shop Luxury Products with Twisted Fizzers

Bath bombs ooze luxury. They create an experience. The fizz, dash of colours, and the aroma combined together give you a chance to enjoy that long shower on a Saturday evening. Something that you have always wanted to indulge in.

However, many are under the impression that luxury bath bombs are expensive to buy. However, what if we tell you that you can buy yourselves some cheap bath bombs in Australia without feeling like you are splurging?

Now you can buy bath bombs in Australia at the prices that will not burn a hole in your pocket and also make sure that you are not compromising on luxury, thanks to Twisted Fizzers.

Get over the rushed showers and treat yourself with some skin pampering, exactly the way it should be.

Handmade Bath, Body, Home, Cleaning Products

Handmade with all the fragrance oils, a bath in these bombs is the perfect way to relieve all the stress and pamper yourself the way you truly deserve.

If you are in search to buy bath bombs online, look no more. We, at Twisted Fizzers, have every fragrance you could desire. Our wide variety ranges from mini bath bombs to artisan soaps that leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Add softeners to your bath and see your skin turn silky and soft as you indulge in a bath with our bath bombs or other body products.

These vegan-friendly bombs are ideal to create an atmosphere of opulence, heal your skin, and to leave your body feeling velvety. Artisan soaps, body products, and aromatic handmade bath bombs found at Twisted Fizzers also form a perfect birthday gift for all the loved ones you have in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To use the bath bomb, fill your bathtub with water. Ensure it is not filled to the top because when you enter the bathtub, it will overflow. Hence, fill it to an appropriate level. Once the tub is full, drop in the bath bomb. As soon as it comes in contact with water, the bomb will start showing its magic. Once completely dissolved, which will only take a few seconds, you can get in and enjoy!

To maintain the freshness and effectiveness of bath bombs, remember to store them in an airtight container or plastic bag. Keep it in a cool and dry place, as it is the best storage option. Keep it away from wet places, and it will react as soon as it gets in contact with water. Keep it stored away until you are ready to use them.

Bath bombs are designed for a superior bathing experience. It is a mix of wet and dry ingredients, commonly used to get clean and smell fresh. Every brand has a unique recipe for bath bombs, although the main components remain the same. It is moulded in different shapes, uses skincare-friendly ingredients, and has therapeutic benefits, which makes them a popular bathing product.

The average shelf life of a bath bomb is six months if it is stored correctly in a cool and dry place. The self-life of bath bombs depends solely on their ingredients. While common ingredients like baking soda have a long shelf life, citric acid starts losing its potency after some time. Its shelf life solely depends on the ingredients used and the right storage.

Twisted Fizzers is the home for an extensive range of bath bombs and bathing products. You shop for the most amazing bath bombs at amazing prices online and by visiting our store. In addition to wonderful bath bombs, we also have many other bath and body products, like bath salts, body wash, bubble bars, etc.

Twisted Fizzer only sells bath bombs with the finest ingredients moulded in unique and fun shapes. We do not sell moulds; we want to provide you with an excellent, hassle-free bathing solution with our uniquely made bath bombs. You can find moulds for bath bombs online and in offline stores.