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Twisted Fizzers

Solid Conditioner Bars

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Who doesn’t like the chilly breeze brushing through the hair and the strands flowing freely? But how does this scenario end? With tangles and knots.

When the hair texture is poor and rough to touch, it is not difficult to get your hair tangled and knotted up. The clumps that you feel can really sink your heart. The texture not only feels bad but also is unappealing to look at.

Having smooth, nourished hair is a part of being well-groomed. At Twisted Fizzers, you can find a solution to your ‘knot’-so-easy to escape problem - our conditioner bars. Replace your regular conditioner with our conditioner bar made of cocoa butter and fragrant oils to enhance the nourishment of your hair and leave them feeling velvety.

Don’t take our word for it, try out our product today!

Twisted Fizzers Solid Conditioner Bars

Designed to nourish your hair with minimal effort and product use. Amazing results in small packaging 

60g per block means bigger and more uses than some others on the market

How to use: Wet hair, rub all over, leave in for a few minutes and give your hair a quick rinse.

Colors will vary between batches

Please keep away from running water when not in use or remove from shower


Btms 50, Cocoa butter, cetyl steryl alcohol, fragrance oil, body safe colors