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Twisted Fizzers

Liquid Eyeshadow-Colorshift

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Athea- Pink/Gold with a hint of Green

Aphrodite- Light Pink/Light Gold

Apollo- Blue/Teal/Emerald

Ares- Bronze/Red

Astrea- Green/Silver/Pink

Atlanta- Purple/Blue/Pink 

Aura- Silver/Green/Pink. Perfect for both Eyeshadow and highlighter. 

Calliope- Green/Bronze

Cybele- Green/Emerad/Purple 

Eros- A beautiful colorshift that moves between Blue, Green, Pink and Gold.

Hades- Green/ Purple 

Helios- Orange/Red/Gold.

Hera- Pink/Orange/Gold, absolutely beautiful! Perfect for both Eyeshadow and highlighter.

Hermes- Blue/Purple, perfect to be used as both eyeshadow and highlighter.

Iris- Pink/Purple/Blue

Morpheus- Purple/Pink. Perfect for both Eyeshadow and highlighter. 

Orpheus- Pink/Gold/ Green

Selene- While this one looks Pink, insides lays an amazing Teal/Purple with a touch of Pink colourshift. This eyeshadow had us all surprised with its beauty!

Triton- Green/Dark Red/ Dark purple 

Xanthe- Pink/Blood Orange/Gold

Zeus- Gold/Pink


 Pigment(Silica ,Ti/Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide),Carbomer,TE(Triethanolamine),water,GALLA RHOIS GALLNUT EXTRACT, ,trehalose,Sodium Hyaluronate,BUTYLENE GLYCOL,PROPYLENE GLYCOL,Ethylhexylglycerin




Approximately 2.2ml