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Twisted Fizzers

Laundry Crystals - 500g Jar

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Just like your skin, you can also leave your clothes oozing with fragrance and softness. Naturally made, handcrafted washing crystals are simply perfect to spread some magical aroma wherever you go.

All the products that we make at Twisted Fizzers are organic. These laundry crystals are carefully tested before we send them out to you. After all, what we won’t use ourselves, we won’t sell it either.

We have endless fragrances for you to choose from. Ranging from watermelon to cotton candy, from lemongrass to coconut, you will certainly be spoiled with the wide variety of options to choose from.

Our scented laundry crystals will surely change your washing game. The best thing? It will not cost you a fortune to make your clothes scented for days on end.

Gone are the days when you had to spend hundreds on long-lasting perfumes. It is now time to treat your clothes better. It is now time to adopt everyone’s favorite Twisted Fizzers’s washing crystals.

Buy Washing Crystals Online

Water softeners and powerful multi-purpose cleaners such as washing crystals deliver superior results. These products enable you to provide your laundry with a fresh scent without damaging its fabric. There are a lot of washing sodas that contain chemicals and are harmful to clothing and can rip them too early. Washing crystals are organic and will make your clothes clean and full of fragrance. You can choose from various fragrance options and treat your clothes better. You can use these crystals for baby clothes as well since they are safe and will cause no harm to the skin.

To be used in conjunction with Twisted Fizzers Laundry powder for an extra fragrance boost