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Twisted Fizzers

Hair Detangler - 250ml Spray Bottle

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Simply spray on the magical potion for knot free, silky smooth hair

repeat as required. Shake well before use



Purified aqua, Cetearyl alcohol (Coconut Oil,Emulsifiers), Behentrimonium Chloride (Rapeseed Oil,Conditioning agent), Jojoba oil(Simmondsia chinensis), Shea Butter (Buturospermum parkii), Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, Panthanol(sn-Provitamin 135), Amodimethocone (Sand,Silicone conditioning agent), Trideceth-12 (Vegetable Oil,Emulsifier), Cetrimonium chloride (Vegetable oil,conditioning agent), Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance Oil


Buy Hair Detangler Spray Online

Nobody likes it when their hair gets knotted up. It’s painful to detangle them and the texture starts looking extremely unappealing to eyes as well as to feel. One second your hair will be perfectly smooth and in just a blink of an eye, your hair will get tangled together, behaving like they are each other’s best friends! This is one of the major problems that individuals with extremely thick hair especially come across every day. No matter the amount of conditioner you put, by the end of it, your hair will get knotted up, there’s no escaping that. Welcome Twisted Fizzers’s detangling spray. A spray that has been curated specially for your tangled-hair problems. Our detangling hair spray is made with purified aqua, shea butter, and fragrant oils that will leave you with fresh smelling hair throughout the day. The smoothness and silkiness that you feel after getting rid of all the tangles and knots on your hair is pure bliss. We aim to help you enjoy shiny, knot-free hair all day long. Get away from your frizzy hair with our detangling spray. In the world of influencers, everyone wants their hair to be perfect and ready for capture. This spray can take away all the pain as well as the stress that brushing your knotted hair brings. Suiting all hair types and textures, detangling spray at Twisted Fizzers is available. What are you waiting for? Order your bottle of magic food for your hair today!