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Twisted Fizzers

EPIC TF Mystery Box | Mixed Products

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Introducing our EPIC TF Boxes

$50 box valued at $60 or more

$75 box valued at $90 or more

$100 box valued at $125 or more

$200 box valued at $250 or more

$500 Big spender box valued at $650

Please note: products chosen at random and pre packed, this is a good chance to try something you thought you might not like 😊. Boxes may contain rose and lavender fragrance

Requests cannot be taken

Refunds and/or exchanges are not accepted on mystery box products. 

Bath bombs in themselves are surprising enough. You never know what color to expect or what experience you will witness till the time you throw the bomb in a tub full of water.

Our Epic TF Boxes boxes only further enhance that surprise element in your lives. Just imagine leaving out your bath bomb game on your fate. Bath bombs are a perfect accompaniment for your long, slow shower after a monotonous day.

The entire idea behind us introducing Epic TF Boxes boxes is to make sure that your expectations with our products remain intact. We promise that even though our bath bomb box is curated with the products picked at random, you will not be disappointed. Each and every bath bomb or body product at Twisted Fizzers are handmade with love and quality ingredients.

The fragrances of moisturisers, and softeners that are used will certainly put you in a trance. The shea butter will leave your skin feeling alive and supple.

Buy Sample Boxes Online

Thanks to the social media craze, hardly anything in everyone’s lives is a ‘mystery’. It’s all out there, put in front of the platter for the world to consume.

With our bath bomb boxes, bring that mystery back in your lives and that of your loved ones. Gift your friends and family the blessing of smooth and silky skin with mystery boxes in Australia.

You buy these sample boxes online, from the comfort of your homes. All that you need to do is set your budget. Once that’s done, our team at Twisted Fizzers will pick any random handmade bath bomb and curate your boxes. The higher the price, the more products you will get.

All of the artisan soaps, bath bombs, and body products at Twisted Fizzers are handmade. We use organic ingredients and make perfectly textured products. These bath bombs will gently melt in the water, pop out the color, fizz like there’s no tomorrow, and leave your skin moisturized. It will create an experience for you.