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Twisted Fizzers

Car Wash n Wax - 1L Bottle

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Twisted fizzers car wash n wax

1L bottle.

Add a small amount to your wash bucket

Works with snow cannons and PH balanced to look after your paint work

100% biodegradable 

Buy Car Wash N Wax Online

Keep your car shiny and new with our car wash and wax products. You can save precious time and hard-earned money by washing and waxing your car at home, using the finest quality car wash and wax products from Twisted Fizzers. Experience the cleaning power of car shampoo and the shine of car wax. Each product is easy to use and highly effective.

Our car wash and wax products suit all kinds of cars, finishes, and colours. They are safe and gentle on your car’s paint, glass, chrome, rubber, and plastic surfaces. It can remove dust and dirt without scratching or damaging any surface.