The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing Guide for Brides!

Congratulations on your wedding! Now after the “I do” rituals you’re finally ready to flee with your partner for a cosy, romantic holiday. But as you travel with your loved one to a nice, charming location, you also have to ensure that all your essentials (and frills too) are packed properly in your bag. Remember, your honeymoon should be memorable, and you'll cherish each moment of this journey. There’s obviously no room for something going missing in this tour.

List of Things to Pack in Your Honeymoon Luggage

Doesn’t matter if you’re just travelling to a nearby city or town or simply taking a world tour, some things are very much essential for your honeymoon tour. So, we have compiled a list of these for your convenience below. Ensure not to miss any of these if you want your journey to be a perfect one.

A Bag Full of Toiletries - Firstly, let’s start with the basics. From your toothbrush to the toothpicks, sanitary pads and toilet spray, pack your daily toiletry items in a separate little bag and place it somewhere very convenient and handy.

Exclusive Lingerie and Night Dresses - Honeymoon without fashionable lingerie isn’t going to be perfect. Ensure all your new lace and satin collections are in your bag without fail.

Bath Bombs and Bubble Bath - Bath bombs in Australia from Twisted Fizzers are also a must have in your honeymoon baggage. There are more really enticing and magical bathing products like mystery boxes and bath salts which are going to enhance your luscious bath experience together.

Swimming or Trekking Gear - There are obviously going to be lots of fun and adventurous activities in store during your entire honeymoon journey. So, keep a nice trendy swimsuit and even a jogger suit with you for a convenient trekking experience. Not to forget a good pair of sneakers or sports shoes.

Cocktail Dresses - Honeymoons without cosy candle-light dinners are unimaginable. So, how about taking along your most exquisite and sexy cocktail dresses with you? Yes, also, don’t forget to carry along your matching jewellery and heels to complement the dress perfectly.

Your Bag of Cosmetics - A woman just can’t imagine going out without the right cosmetics. So, whether it’s your mascara for the lovely, dreamy look or the blush for a perfect tint, carry them along with you in a special vanity box. You definitely want to look your best during your honeymoon period.

Sunglasses, Jackets, and Hats - Depending upon the weather of the place you’re headed to, carry along your sunglasses, sweater, jacket, and even hat. 

Birth Control Measures - Unless you’re deliberately planning for a baby immediately after your marriage, you need to take your birth control measures with you. Be it the pills or other contraceptive essentials, don’t forget to carry these in a special packet in your handbag.

Your Identity Proofs and Cards - Your identity proof is essential to get an accommodation in a good hotel. Carry at least one valid proof along with your personal credit cards in case you’ll require them in an emergency.

With all these essentials, don’t forget to take along some extra tees, shorts, and even your bathrobe for some cosy feeling during your honeymoon stay. You’ll also want to capture each and every moment of this period in your camera, so carrying a DSLR is imperative as well. You’re totally geared up now! Happy honeymoon.