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Twisted Fizzers

TRAVEL PACK - 40 products

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Twisted fizzers 40 PRODUCT TRAVEL PACK

A great way to try heaps of our products and fragrances in a handy travel sized container

All product instructions or ingredients are listed on each individual item on the website

Contains 1 of each of the following:

Antifog 50ml joop homme
bath bomb 50mm bubblegum
body cream 20g mon paris
body perfume 8ml louis vuitton
bubblebath 50ml redskin
interior polish 50ml jimmy choo man
car spray 50ml black cherry
car stain remover 50ml black fig + guava
car wash 100ml 1 million
conditioner 50ml nerds
dishwashing liquid 50ml red frogs
fabric softener 100ml pink champagne
face n hand 30ml black opium
floor cleaner 100ml mimosa pink apple
glass cleaner 50ml french vanilla
hair detangler 50ml fruit tingles
hair mask 50g unicorn farts
hand sanitizer 30ml tutti fruitti
internze bubblebath 50ml hello kitty
inwash booster 50ml bubblegum
laundry crystals 100g pomegranate
laundry liquid 100ml juicy fruit
laundry powder 50g ghost drops
liquid gold 50ml cloud
liquid melt 50ml rainbow sherbet
lux body wash 50ml grape bubblegum
lux moisturiser 30ml daisy
massage oil 50ml killer queen
monster spray 50ml euky soother
hand soap 50ml flowerbomb
pet conditioner 50ml coconut lime
pet shampoo 50ml lychee guava
room spray 50ml black raspberry vanilla
shake n vac 100g black raspberry sugar
shampoo 50ml angel
shower cleaner 50ml 50 shades
sugar scrub 50g mango
surface sanitiser 50ml pink apple vanilla frost
bath salts 100g boysenberry
whipped soap 50g

sangria moscato