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Twisted Fizzers

Solid Shampoo Bar

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Are you tired of putting chemicals on your hair and witnessing your hair fall like there’s no tomorrow? We have a better solution that will not only help you clean your hair better but also would aid you in escaping the need to buy shampoo bottles every other day.

Introducing a solid shampoo bar by Twisted Fizzers. These shampoo bars have been specially curated to cut through oils and enhance your hair’s nourishment, without putting in any extra effort.

The one, tiny shampoo bar will last you for approximately a hundred* washes. It’s not only a great way to keep your hair healthy but it’s cost-effective too. It’s just like a double bonus!

Instant foaming action shampoo blocks

Designed to cut through oils and nourish your hair with minimal effort and product use

Just rub on wet hair and massage in

Lasts around 100 washes

110g per bar means bigger and more uses than some others on the market

Use with Twisted Fizzers solid conditioner bars for everyday healthy hair


Sodium coco sulfate needles, btms 50, cetyl alcohol, coconut oil, conditioning agent 39, Aloe Vera extract, isopropyl alcohol, body safe color