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Twisted Fizzers

Scent Sniffer 14 bottle sample pack

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This is a 60ml bottle to help you find your favorite fragrances in our ever growing collection of delicious scents, making it easier to select your top loves in all our other products.

Keep them in your car, your hand bag, your front pocket. Very handy 60ml size

These can be used as a room spray, body spray, car spray, toilet spray, linen spray, shoe deodorizer, the list goes on. They will never go to waste

Over 500 sprays in every bottle!

These packs are chosen at random by our staff for each and every pack order making a great selection of fragrances to chose from. When purchasing multiple packs in 1 transaction we will ensure every fragrance is different.

Always shake well before use. Do not spray directly into eyes. Keep out of direct sunlight