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Twisted Fizzers

Ring Bombs

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Each bath bomb contains 1 x beautiful 18k white gold filled ring


Ring size:

Size 5 - J 1/2 - L

Size 6 - M - N

Size 7 - O - P

Size 8 - Q - Q 1/2

Size 9 - R 1/2 - S 1/2

Size 10-

Please clean all jewelry with jewelry cleaner solution before wearing as some rings may have a polish residue on them that can mark your skin

 There is 50 different styles of rings to find


Bicarbonate of soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Coco Sulphate, Kaolin clay, Cornstarch, Cream of tartar, fragrance oil, polysorbate 80, sweet almond oil, Mica powder, water soluble dye, body safe glitter

Look what we’ve found!

Introducing a more intimate and private way to pop the question! It is a perfect symbolic gesture for your introverted loved ones who like to keep things simple. Nothing grand, no drama, no additional expenses.

Or if you are looking for that perfect gift for your best friend, mother, sister, or wife, it has got to be our Ring Bombs.

Combining two of the most favorite elements of the ladies, Ring Bombs offers you the best of both worlds. This includes a long, soothing bath with fragrance spread all around thanks to the shea butter as well as the floating diamond in the water that will ooze the effect of opulence.

Ring bombs allow you to enjoy a spa-like bath with all the moisturizing elements and aroma in your very own bathroom. Talk about being comfortable!

These bath bomb rings are perhaps a unique way to send a message to loved ones when this is given as a gift.

Shop Bath Bomb Rings at Twisted Fizzers

When you add a jewel to your bath bomb, it immediately raises the value of the gift that you have planned.

With this ring bomb, you can showcase how much you truly care about the other person by giving them the skin that is smooth as velvet and as shiny as the bling on the ring that is hidden inside.

As your donee throws this mysterious, artisan, and fragrant bath bomb inside the water, they will be amazed at how much can fit in that small sphere. Pop of colors, oils, butter, and now, even a ring!

If you are wondering that you will need to look for these ring bombs all over your search engine, then worry not. You can easily shop these bath bomb rings at Twisted Fizzers. We have a hundred different designs of rings for you to choose from.

Hurry, don’t leave your loved ones deprived of this beauty any longer!