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Melt Warmer- TF Firework

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TF firework melt warmers are finally here!

Electric Warmers are increasingly becoming a popular option for people who enjoy the fragrance of melts but do not necessarily want a naked flame alight in their homes.

We source our electric warmers from a reputable company that produced a unique custom design.

Make your home look as good as it smells with our Twisted Fizzers custom melt warmer. 

Multicoloured light design with our TF logo

Paired with either our Liquid Melt range or our Soy Wax Melt range in over 100 fragrances you'll be sure to find a favorite

Has brightness dimmer so you can select your melt temperature for a strong or longer lasting fragrance in your home

Has a clear removable dish on top for easy changeover to a new fragrance.

1x Warmer & Bowl

1x Globe G9 25w 

1x power cord

1x Instructions manual 

Please note: Product warranty valid for 3 months after purchase date. No warranty issued on light globes

Please check regularly to make sure no wires are against the globe.

Replacement globes can be found at most supermarkets and hardware stores