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Twisted Fizzers

Electronic car diffuser

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Electronic car diffuser custom built for Twisted Fizzers gives off an insanely strong smell all day long via the mist action. These machine have 2 settings, run for 30sec pause for 30sec. or run for 60sec pause for 60sec.

USB charging cable included and works cable free when charged. Air-vent clip supplied

Includes 6 fragrances of your choosing

Refill vial 6 packs also available.

30ml refill bottles to refill those vial also available.

Please only refill with the same fragrance refill liquid

Custom suitcase box packaging

If you are viewing this on our mobile app, please purchase via our website for fragrance options

How does it work?

While car air diffusers use the process of evaporation, electric car diffusers don't rely on evaporation. It uses a nebulising technology to fill the air with a mist of fragrance oil. The bottle of fragrance oil is easily replaceable.

Also known as the electric car freshener or plug-in car diffuser, the electric car diffuser comes compact and can be easily fitted in your car's cup holder. It is battery-operated and comes with a USB cable for charging. It is wireless and only needs to be connected to the USB cable while charging the battery. The fragrance depends on the type of fragrance oil used.