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Twisted Fizzers

Aroma Diffuser-Flame Effect

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Colour changing flame oil diffuser.

 Please do not fill above the MAX water line. Doing this may cause your diffuser to not spray mist or light up. This is not covered under warranty.

Please make sure to use a 5V 2A output adapter, using less then 5V 2A will cause operation to be affected.

Please pour your water on the water tab only to ensure water doesn't enter other areas of the device.  


  • Aroma Function: Add water into the tank (not exceeding the water line), add a drop or 2 of our premium fragrance oil and press the atomization button to turn on aromization, short press again to stop.
  • Lighting Function: Short press the light button to turn on the orange flame light, short press again to turn on the changed colour light and short press again to lock the light of the current colour. Short press to turn off.
  • Protection Function: built in water shortage protection chip, automatically stops working after detecting no water.

Tank Capacity: 180ml

Spray Volume: 15-20ml/hr

Size: 171x75x101mm

Input: DC5.0V/2A

Type C Cable - included 

Wall Charger not included.

Please read instruction manual before using.

Only use a maximum of 2 drops of fragrance oil

Warranty valid for 3 months from purchase

Incorrect use will void warranty